Table of Contents

The Project

How is Kirogi different from other ground control applications?

Created from scratch in February 2019, Kirogi benefits from a lot of prior art. It aims to provide the following unique combination of features:

What does the name mean?

The Kirogi project was started in South Korea. Kirogi (written “기러기” in the native writing system) is the Korean word for wild geese.

Wild geese are known as expert flyers. Kirogi’s mascot is a farm goose with an adventurous spirit, who flies just as well thanks to the use of superior technology.

Technology and License

Not yet. MAVLink support for both manual control and flight plans is planned for future versions.

What technology does Kirogi use?

Kirogi is written in C++14 and QML. It uses the Kirigami UI toolkit (part of KDE Frameworks) and Qt Quick, supported on a diverse array of mobile and desktop platforms.

What is the license?

Kirogi’s library in src/lib/ and bundled vehicle support plugins in src/plugins/ are licensed under LGPL v2.1 (or later), see COPYING.LIB.

The frontend (UI and other business logic) is licensed under GPL v2 (or later), see COPYING.

The app icon in data/icons/ is licensed under LGPL v2.1 (or later), see COPYING.LIB.

The mascot artwork in src/ui/assets/ is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0, see COPYING.MASCOT.


When will Kirogi support my drone?

The Kirogi project is still in its early stages. For now it supports the following drones:

Support for additional vehicles, also by other manufacturers, is very much a goal. If your vehicle is not on the list yet, check back later!

In particular, we plan to add support for MAVLink and the MultiWii Serial Protocol (MSP) to interface with open vehicle systems.

Vehicle support is subject to availability for development and testing. If you are a manufacturer and would like to see Kirogi support your hardware, please contact the board of directors of KDE e.V. for this and any other business inquiries.

Can Kirogi download photos and videos from my drone?

Not yet. This feature is considered high priority and will be added before version 1.0.

Does Kirogi support mission planning and upload?

Not yet. A mission planning mode is a future goal.

Do I need a touchscreen to use Kirogi?

A touchscreen is not required to use Kirogi. It has basic support for two-stick gamepad/joypad controllers (it was tested with an Xbox One controller).

Parrot Drones

Does Kirogi support the Parrot Skycontroller peripherals?

Not yet. There is basic support for two-stick gamepad/joypad controllers, however.

I have a supported Parrot drone. Do I need the Parrot SDK to use Kirogi?

The Parrot SDK is not required to use Kirogi. It contains its own implementation of the protocol used to operate Parrot brand drones.