Screenshot of Kirogi's flight controls


Kirogi is a ground control application for drones. Take to the skies, open source-style.

Kirogi is being developed for smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs.


You can find out more about planned features here.

Supported Drones

Kirogi currently supports the following models:

Support for many more drone models from a variety of manufacturers is planned.

We will also add support for open protocols such as MAVLink and the MultiWii Serial Protocol (MSP).


Kirogi is in early development. While already usable, the project has not issued a stable release yet. Pre-release builds for various platforms, and the source code, are available from the Download page.

The Mascot

Kirogi's mascot

Wild geese are known as expert flyers. Kirogi's mascot is a farm goose with an adventurous spirit, who flies just as well thanks to the use of superior technology.

Kirogi's mascot does not have a name yet. We'll pick one based on community suggestions!


Check out our FAQ page for additional information.